Xbox, Xbox 360 & Xbox 360 elite Repairs

Having problems with your Xbox, Xbox 360 or Xbox 360 elite? Don't worry The Console Repair Centre is here to help. We are located in Tallaght, Dublin 24 our games console repair workshop is fully equipped to resolve any issues with your beloved system.

Range of Xbox'sIs it the dreaded 3 rings of death or have you accidentally spilled liquid on your Xbox. We have seen every fault possible with the Xbox since its release in 2001. Some issues are more common then others, We fix them all at The Console Repair Centre. You can rest assured that your system will be repaired in "Super Fast" time as our entire team of technicians knows the Microsoft Xbox inside out both Software and Hardware.

To the left is a list of some of the common problems and issues that you may be experiencing. If you have any questions or would like any more information please contact us.

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Full Diagnostics - We have all the latest Xbox Diagnostic equipment in house. This allows us to quickly identify faults.

Highly Experienced Team - All our Technicians have in depth knowledge of all Games Console hardware & software

Competitive Rates - We will not be beaten on price or standard of work.

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All our work comes with a Guarantee We are so confident in our work and parts that we offer a guarantee on all work carried out and we only use original parts.

Give us a call today or just pop my the workshop, We are open Monday to Saturday from 9:00am to 6:pm and speak with one of our friendly staff.

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Cant get to the workshop to drop in your console for repair? Don't worry you can send your console to us, We will then make the repairs and return it my post.

You may not live near our workshop in Tallaght and need to get your system fixed? All is not lost we offer a Postal Repair Service. Also if you live in Dublin you can opt for our collection and return service. Check out the contact page for more info

3 Rings of Death 3 red lights (Ring of Death)- 3 red lights around the power button light up red

This is not an un-common issue - The system will not load to the main menu. Mostly caused by the Xbox overheating and vital components becoming loose, the system then shuts down & displays the 3 red lights. If your Xbox crashes a lot when playing games then the chances are it's a 3 red light issue. Get it fixed

2 Red lights- The 2 left red lights around the power button turn Red and flash repeatedly

This issue is caused by the system overheating. We have specialised equipment to complete this repair professionally. Get it Fixed

E74 Error E74 or Error 74 - Often associated with 1 red light on the power button.

This is a common issue relating to the internal chips. Usually you will see the onscreen error code. Black screen with the error at the bottom (pictured beside) There are many E code errors and our console technicians can repair all of them is no time at all. Get it Fixed

Distorted or Corrupted Graphics- The graphics onscreen has become fuzzy and distorted.

During gameplay the graphics become fuzzy and distorted. It may start off as a small problem that a restart will fix out but as time goes on it gets more and more frequent. This issue is related to a hardware fault inside the system. We have most spare parts in stock and will have your system back 100% - Guaranteed Get it fixed

Freezing during Startup & Freezing during Gameplay- System just totally freezes and you have to plug system out to restart.

This can be one of the most annoying problems to have because you may be just about to win online in COD 4 or you are on the final stage of your new game and the system freezes. This issue mostly starts out happening from time to time but after a while it will become more and more frequent, And so will the frustration. At The Console Repair Centre we have specialised test equipment that is designed to locate the cause of this problem. It can be a number of items but with our testing equipment we can find the source of the issue and replace the defected part only - This is turn keeps our rates the best around. Get it Fixed

Opening a 360 Overheating Problems - These systems are very powerful do produce a lot of heat when in use however sometimes they can produce to much.

Overheating is a very common problem and if it is not resolved at a earlier stage it can lead to damage to other components. You may here the fans spin up to an abnormal level. You may get one of the onscreen "E errors" or even an indication on the LED's surrounding the power button. Our diagnostics allow us to check for abnormal fan speeds and temperatures Get it Fixed

Disc Tray Stuck or Disc's getting scratched when inserted in Xbox- Mechanical issues with the disc loader or laser alignment can be the cause.

Have you started to notice that your Game or DVD disc's have started to become scratched after being played in your system. This is due to a miss alignment of the laser, We can realign your laser and quickly resolve this issue. On the other hand if you are having problems opening and closing the disc tray this is a mechanical issue that we can also repair no problems. Get it Fixed

Xbox 360 Laser Not Reading Discs- If you insert a disc nothing happens or you can hear the drive spin up but then nothing.

This is one of the most common issues on the Xbox and also the playstation. The Laser that reads the disc simply wears out and has to be replaced. We carry full stock for laser replacements is stock. Our Console technicians will have a new original laser installed in no time at all. . Get it Fixed

No Sound - You can see a picture but no sound.

After you eliminate the T. V. as the problem it is always good to try on another known good T. V. to see if there is still no sound. Also if possible try different compatible cables. After trying this and you still can not hear anything from the system most likely it is a hardware problem. We will be able to locale the faulty component and replace it for you,. Get it Fixed

Xbox 360 and T.V. No Picture - Power on the system but nothing on the screen (Blank) but You can hear sound from the system.

First thing to do is test on another know good T. V (one that you know the system works on) Second is to try with different compatible cables. If you still have no picture it would seem that there is a problem with the graphics chip. Get it Fixed

Xbox Power Supply No Power- If Press the "on" button but nothing happens.

When you press the power button of your Xbox system but nothing happens at all. No LED's come on, no sounds. The system seems to be dead. It maybe the AC adapter which we stock for all games systems or it maybe the systems internal power board. With our fully equipped workshop we will quickly be able to diagnose the issue and repair it for you. Get it Fixed

Controller Problems - Your controllers are not detected my the system

You controllers are not getting detected by the system. To make sure that the issue is related to the Xbox system itself and not just a faulty controller, Try a know good controller (fully charged) If you are having the same problem with both controllers that the system itself is the source of the problem. One of our team will quickly resolve this for you. Also we carry a range of Xbox peripherals in stock including replacement controllers if required. Get it Fixed

Xbox Live Network Issues- Problems connecting to Xbox live via the internet

First If you are having problems connecting to the Xbox Live it is most likely a software problem, You should recheck all the network settings. Also make sure that you have access to the internet from another computer. If you have internet access and all settings are correct you may try a different network cable if you connect via a network cable. After all that trouble shooting and you are still have the same problem it is most likely a hardware problem and the best thing to go would be give us a call or drop by the workshop and we would be happy to help. Get it Fixed

Hard rive Failure - The hard drive storage has failed or showing errors

The hard drive stores all your game saved data and any items you downloaded. Although they can just fail instantly most of the time they may give you prior warning. You may notice a strange sound coming from the Xbox or you may be greeted with an "E67 / E69 error. Hopefully it is caught in time. We stock a range of replacement harddisks for the Xbox range in a variety of sizes. We can remove you faulty hard drive - copy your data to a new hard disk and reinstall it - It will be working as new Get it Fixed

Open Xbox Liquid / Physical Damage - Had an accident? - Did you accidentally drop your Xbox or Spill a cup of coffee on it?

Nightmare - If you have accidentally damaged your system. The repairs will not be covered under the standard warranty. That's when we come in we can breath life back into most systems. We will put the system Xbox through a battery of tests and get to the cause of the issue. We can also replace plastics so not only will your system work like new it will also look brand new. If you have accidentally damaged your system please contact us today and we will be happy to help. We have seen it all and fix it all. Get it Fixed